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With Ultimate Executive Success Blueprint™, I will discover how to leverage my positioning and visibility to achieve higher professional and financial levels that capitalize on all my expertise and experience. I will discover how to develop a robust strategy and a plan that exploits my full potential and talents to speed up my career and life goals more quickly than ever.

I’m ready to discover the EXACT step-by-step process of leveraging my positioning and networking to have powerful career and salary negotiations to get a high-end, meaningful fulfilling position.
I'm ready to achieve financial security and  career  growth  without  awkward conversations, pushy sales techniques,  or  risking  my  executive image  and  future  career opportunities.
By signing up now, I understand that I am taking advantage of the special offer listed below, including access to the proven formula hundreds of executives use to increase their salary, compensation package, and job offers.
I understand I am getting the training executives worldwide and in over 35 markets have used to get higher positions; and to negotiate salary increases, benefits, perqs, ex-pat, and other critical conditions for their perfect lifestyle. 
I am ready and excited to get instant access to the program and the bonuses, so I can start learning how to improve my professional and financial status.

When you use these powerful, easy-to-implement strategies I will teach you...  

You will get the ability and confidence to create the most appealing professional opportunities for you with the salary & compensation package, balance, and growth opportunities you want, at a higher executive level

Not only will you position yourself more strongly with less effort, but it will only take 30 minutes per day to do it...

You will free your time to focus on what's truly important for you, doing the fun and strategic work that you enjoy and is relevant for your results and your company.

Of course, you are allowing your day in and day out to enjoy the lifestyle you've always wanted since you started your executive career.

Then you will have all the time to savor a warm tasty cup of coffee in the morning, go to the gym, spend a great time with your family and friends, and relax with a glass of wine... without being stressed and concerned about your job and how to negotiate your next career step.

I can't speak for you, but personally, when I understood all of this, I started to take Friday evenings free, leave the office much earlier, stop letting Zoom calls take over my time, and give myself other luxuries that I wouldn't have believed were possible.

Teamwork & Meaning 
Salary & Compensation
Balance & Lifestyle

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but first...

If you have tried something "similar" in the past, and feel skeptical of what I'm promising you here...

I get it. This industry is laden with so-called experts with basic, rehashed, ineffective advice.

But what I'm about to show you not only took me to key HR Lead roles in top global companies I could ever dream of when nothing else worked...

It has taken more than 25,538 executives in more than 35 countries to achieve the most attractive positions at local, regional, and global levels within the most competitive 500 Fortune companies...

It also turned me into a leading authority on helping leaders, directors, and C-suite executives get higher positions, salaries, and better lifestyles.

Most importantly, it's why our clients have gotten better results than anyone else.

These strategies have been the decisive factor in the career growth of thousands of high-level executives worldwide.

Here are some of their success stories, the positions they have achieved, and the words of one of the more significant global Headhunting firms.

They Say

What Global &

Regional Execs Say

Coaching with Yardena for me has been extraordinary.

You need help understanding and doing things differently; then, things change. Thanks to the results I achieved with my team, I became a McKenzie success case study and was featured by Forbes US and HBR.

It's a dream for me; I never imagined I could have these results and less in such a short time.

Jorge balestra - global head machine learning operations kraftheinz

The biggest mistake is leaving your career in a company's hands.

You need to know what you have and what you're missing and have an expert strategy to get where you want to be.

The only way is to reinvent yourself and take over your career.

Jose raul guerrero - president emerging markets - korn ferry

Working with Yardena and her team has been one of the best experiences in my career!

In only three months of work, they assured me a higher leadership position for me in a completely different industry with a massive impact on my career. Through impactful sessions and tools that get you extraordinary and fast results, achieving your dream job is a reality with Yardena.



They helped assess and accelerate my career opportunities. Looking at my different strengths and development areas, as well as exchanging ideas on specific top leadership situations -where you as a leader sometimes lack the chance to talk- and have an expert, neutral, and well-prepared strategic view, was an fantastic value for me. I truly enjoyed and grew with the sessions! Thanks!

patrick eckert - country president


and i've packed everything into a brand new program

Ultimate Executive Success Blueprint

Ultimate Executive Success Blueprint is where I share every strategy I've learned and designed after decades of leading executive accelerated development programs for hundreds of top global companies and thousands of executives to help them land, nurture, and build a highly lucrative and fulfilling career. 

 I've also thrown in every other tip, tool, and system to achieve successful salary and career negotiations that will get you a higher role with a more outstanding balance, meaning, and appealing lifestyle. Because let's face it... winning the executive game is not easy, and once we're there, avoiding the fall is tricky and challenging -even if sometimes we can't see the risk, which is worse-.

This is the exact positioning and growth system we share inside our high-end client programs to accelerate their professional and financial goals in the most competitive and demanding global corporations. Still today we're making it available to you for the first time so you can get your career handled and speed it up faster than ever. 

With this program, you will...

  • Have a strong strategy and career plan fully working for you to achieve a fulfilling work experience and personal balance.
  • Leverage your positioning, networking, and skills to accelerate your next career steps.
  • Strengthen your mindset and boost your energy and confidence to overcome obstacles, stress, and uncertainty to thrive effortlessly.

what's included

Ultimate Executive Success Blueprint

Powerful Positioning

The Foundation For A  Powerful & Effective Positioning Strategy In The New Market

New Opportunities

Get In Front And Amaze Your Future Managers To Guarantee An Attractive New Role

Signature Talents

Use Your Signature Talents to Build a Strong Branding With The Highest Impact In Your Career

Political Savviness

Successfully Navigate Corporate Politics, Conflicts, and Master Company’s Culture

Balance & Lifestyle

Free Your Time And Energy To Enjoy All The Experiences You Want For Your Life

Fast Growth

Capitalize Your Potential & Results To Thrive And Build Your Next Steps Easily

Effective Networking

Strengthen Your Networking To Speed Up Your Growth

see what others have to say

You're in the best company

Having Yardena as a Coach is a privilege. Her outstanding experience has contributed amazingly to my international executive career as an expatriate and how it has expanded worldwide.

Under her guidance and leadership, any executive can achieve success and work-life balance to enjoy life.

She's a unique Coach that made my dream job became a reality.  It's been an honor having Yardena as a professional and personal coach.

Adrian Onate 

Regional HR Talent Lead LatAm│Bayer

Serendipitously meeting Yardena on LinkedIn five years ago has been a blessing! She and her team exceed your expectations of what Executive Career Coaching is as she has a unique mix of skills and has successfully succeeded in her corporate career at very high levels.

With her help,  I have achieved the success I envisioned by the end of her programs. I highly recommend her Coaching to anyone seeking to take their life and career to the next level!

Jorge Zepeda

Sales Sr Manager│BMW

I worked with Yardena and her team as Professional Career Coaches and achieved the growth I was looking for.

They are undoubtedly experts in developing talent, creating tailored-made executive and business strategies, and enhancing corporate teams and culture.  She has a powerful vision and excellent analytical capabilities to define the best approaches .

A great experience to work with her!

Oscar Monroy

Country IT Head│Abbott

Customers served! 970 +   5 star reviews

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  • Career Speed-Up Templates. Includes +50 Résumé Models.
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Yardena Krongold is a world-renowned '500 Fortune' executive corporate coach, psychologist, and speaker. She has worked intensively for more than 25 years helping high-level leaders and top execs to land, nurture, and grow a high-end, meaningful, and fulfilling work in an excellent teamwork environment and with the best life balance and lifestyle, even in the most adverse and uncertain conditions.

She's a prolific writer and author of several books, including Great Position, Paycheck & Purpose, 365 Days of Gratitude, Súper Puesto, Súper Sueldo... ¡Súper Vida!

Yardena Krongold

As HR Lead at KraftHeinz, Novartis, AT&T, Philip Morris, and Avon, among other global companies, she has an insider strategic view that accelerates her client's results. For years she designed and implemented executive development strategies and programs that led thousands of people to grow to global, regional, and local critical positions in more than 17 countries. She also created major state-of-the-art corporate universities focused on high-speed development programs for C-Suite executives, leaders, and senior managers in collaboration with Harvard Business School, Texas Tech, MIT, and Tec de Monterrey.

Customers served! 970 years of experience
Customers served! 970 executives SUCCESS STORIES
Customers served! 970 % R  O  I  (IN SALARIES)

30-Day Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

I'm so committed to seeing you grow that if you study the training, do the coursework, and implement my system and don't get the leverage you expect; we'll give you the extra support you need. If you still don't get the value you want, I don't deserve your money and will happily issue you a refund within the 30-day guarantee period.

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