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I have great news for you! You possess a valuable and distinctive set of skills. It is packed with strengths that are essential for tackling the challenges brought about by current changes. It offers new ideas and innovative solutions that are crucial for success.

Today, the way we do business, connect with customers and clients, lead teams, and everything in our lives is experiencing high-speed changes; we're facing AI and all kinds of tech solutions that challenge our understanding and risk our success. While some companies are eager to seize new opportunities, others are held back by their fear of change and might see an innovator profile as a threat. It is crucial for you to discover how to show these companies the potential benefits of embracing new ideas and technologies and overcoming their hesitations to stay competitive in today's dynamic business landscape without raising resistance.

An innovative profile can be a valuable asset; you must learn how to leverage it and eliminate objections.

Some of your distinctive traits may include the following:

Their capacity to envision favorable and attainable prospects for the organization, goods, and amenities is truly remarkable - they possess a high strategic thinking ability.

They are leaders who not only have a compelling vision for the future but also lead their organization and people toward it. 

Thus, they are essential drivers of change.

These individuals possess unparalleled expertise in developing 360° groundbreaking best practices and tangible solutions for collaborators, customers, and stakeholders.

Their sharp and proactive mindset empowers them to predict and stay ahead of emerging trends and changes, which they leverage with ease.

Creativity and originality are the defining traits.

Focusing on your strengths is vital to achieving job, financial security, and superstar success. As you refine and enhance these abilities and competencies, you'll find that achieving exceptional results is easier than you thought possible and does not require the effort you imagined.

As some other executives and professionals are also valued for their innovative spirit, the real question is how you will use your talents to create a state-of-the-art positioning campaign and personal branding that will leave the competitors behind and take you to land the job and the balance you want.  (Advanced tip: copying what others are doing is useless, regardless of how appealing it might appear). 

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Gabriela Garcia



Yardena is an extraordinary professional with extensive experience in critical HR strategic areas ‒such as Talent Management, Strategic Staffing, and Organizational Development, among others—with broad strategic vision and business knowledge. I highly recommend her.

Oscar Monroy

country it head / latam pbr lead


The organizational growth I got from Yardena’s advice and strategies was astonishing. She helped me enhance my image and position inside my company, which opened new career path options beyond my dreams! She has a powerful vision. A great experience to have the opportunity to be guided by her!

Paty Betancourt

marketing manager

glenmark pharmaceuticals

This program led me to grow professionally and land my dream job, helping me clarify my goals and strengths due to her high professionalism, passion, and assertiveness.