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Perfect Job & Balance Program


Learn to overcome obstacles and achieve true happiness and fulfillment with our program. Discover how to navigate job interviews, negotiate your salary effectively, and design a career path that will lead you to financial security and a job that brings you joy. Our clients have successfully landed jobs at some of the world’s leading companies, such as Apple, Tesla, Google, KraftHeinz, Pfizer, Bayer, and many more.

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This is a 4-part training, and I will break down strategies like the ones I’ve used with hundreds of clients to help them get a better, more rewarding, and fulfilling job.


Lesson 1Smart Interviews: Secure Your Next Steps

You will discover how to effectively use every minute to showcase your confidence, expertise, and value to decision-makers. Overcome any obstacles that may hinder your candidacy for any job, whether inside or outside your company.

Lesson 2Unbeatable Résumés: Stand Out from the Crowd

Master the art of crafting a powerful CV that will make you the ideal candidate for any job. Boost your executive prestige and gain unparalleled visibility among headhunters and hiring managers. Take control of your career and secure your dream job with confidence.

Lesson 3: Higher Salaries: Effective Negotiations Strategies

You will master powerful tactics to negotiate salary proposals and conditions with unwavering confidence while safeguarding your professional reputation, job offer, and career advancement. Build an unshakable mindset to achieve the financial level, lifestyle, and work-life balance you truly deserve.

Lesson 4Happiness Pathways: Get The Job, The Salary & The Fulfillment

You must master the 7 essential elements for a fulfilling career and life if you want to achieve any goal and gain the freedom, financial ease, and fulfillment that you deserve. Don’t settle for less, take control of your life and learn how to use these elements in a powerful way.


The lessons are filled with valuable information that can help you reach your career goals faster. You will learn simple yet effective tools that can be applied immediately to enhance your work and personal life. By the end of the course, you will have the skills necessary to enjoy your work and life in ways you never thought possible!


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Patrick Eckert

Country President


Yardena's programs helped me assess and accelerate my career goals and opportunities.  Looking at my different strengths and development areas, and gaining new strategies and insights on top leadership situations was critical. Also, having an expert, neutral, and the best-prepared strategic view was a fantastic value.

The best executive advice. Thanks!

Jorge Zepeda

Sales Manager


I achieved the success that I envisioned by the end of her program. I was hired for a higher corporate position as a Sales Sr Manager in the company of my dreams.

She always has your best interest in mind. I highly recommend her programs to anyone seeking to take their life and career to the next level!

Jocelyn Ramirez

Health Policy Head


Yardena is a brilliant coach. Beyond just focusing on the professional part, she manages to unite it with mindfulness and bring out the most human in one to be the best version of yourself.

She helped me make significant changes and grow to the more senior role I enjoy now.

Thank you!


customer review

This program led me to grow professionally and land my dream job, helping me clarify my goals and strengths due to her high professionalism, passion, and assertiveness.

Patty Betancourt


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