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Why You Need This Unique

5-Step Expert Program

Happiness And Success Might Be Elusive.

That's why I'll personally walk you through my 5-step methodology to help you enjoy the position, the salary, the balance, and the lifestyle you crave. 

These are the exact strategies I've used to help thousands of professionals and execs in most industries, corporate level, and in more than 17 countries -many in Fortune 500.

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With This Powerful Program, You Will...

Strengthen Your Confidence

1. Enjoy Greater Peace Of Mind

Turn your anxiety and uncertainty into confidence and peace of mind to land any job you want and truly enjoy it. 

2. Love Your Life and Lifestyle

Convey confidence, expertise, and value to create life and work experiences you absolutely love and make you feel free and fulfilled. 

3. Get Ride of The Obstacles

Set aside all objections and obstacles that risk your career growth and your candidacy for any job in your company or elsewhere. 

Upgrade Your Strategies & Skills

1. Winning Positioning Strategy

Get the proven results-based positioning strategy to make people eager to hire or promote you.

2. Unbeatable Interviews & CV

Wrap your expertise and potential into a CV and interviews that engage your hiring managers immediately -within your company or elsewhere. 

3. Effective Networking

Enjoy a network that will open great new job opportunities at national, regional, or global levels. 

Negotiate Your Best Salary

1. Improve Your Working Conditions

Use the right approach to get  perfect working conditions and elevate your balance without hazarding your political capital, growth, or exposure.

2. Negotiate Your Compensation

Learn my bulletproof formula to upgrade your salary, benefits, bonuses, and other perks and rewards.

3. Increase Your Job Offers

Discover how to pave your way from the first interview to getting the higher job offer and how to strengthen your position to take it even further easily, classily, and safely.

Design Your Happiness Pathway

Your Path Is Unique. Finding it might be challenging.

Sometimes it takes work to know what will make us happy feasibly and accuratly. Others, it's easier to understand what we don't want, and even when we know, we may think it's impossible, or that it's not for us, or we simply don't know how to get there.

If you've read my last book, "Career Enlighten," you know I was there once (if you haven't read it, you can buy it now at Amazon).  

If you are where I once was, you may be struggling without realizing you might be doing the 'right' things in the wrong way; or maybe you've gotten to the "right" place that everyone said was going to make you happy, but you haven't found complete fulfillment there.

That's why we're here today... to discover what will make your job and your life worthwhile.

Most probably, there's a voice inside you asking for something more fulfilling. You've come to the right place.

Take the first step now...
(don't let anything stop you).

Success Stories


Gabriela Garcia



Yardena is an extraordinary professional with extensive experience in critical HR strategic areas ‒such as Talent Management, Strategic Staffing, and Organizational Development, among others—with broad strategic vision and business knowledge. I highly recommend her.

Oscar Monroy

country it head / latam pbr lead


The organizational growth I got from Yardena’s advice and strategies was astonishing. She helped me enhance my image and position inside my company, which opened new career path options beyond my dreams! She has a powerful vision. A great experience to have the opportunity to be guided by her!

Paty Betancourt

marketing manager

glenmark pharmaceuticals

This program led me to grow professionally and land my dream job, helping me clarify my goals and strengths due to her high professionalism, passion, and assertiveness.

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